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What is Stomach Cancer: Causes And Symptoms?

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Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, is produced in the epithelial cells that form part of the inner layer of the mucosa that protects the stomach.

Among the main causes of a person suffering from stomach cancer are the following:
Poor diet, since the vast majority of those affected usually eat smoked foods, salted meat, fish and vegetables preserved in vinegar. So, it is better to include in the diet foods that prevent cancer such as whole products, vegetables, fresh fruits that are rich in vitamin A and C; If you want to reduce the risk of stomach cancer.
Obesity is another cause of this disease.
Stomach cancer is easier to originate, in people who have had surgery to remove some part of the stomach to cure diseases like ulcers.

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This type of cancer is more common in men than in women.

Aging increases the chances of getting cancer in the stomach. Also, people with type A blood are at risk for this disease.
Cancer syndrome in the family is another of the main causes.
Stomach polyps can develop into stomach cancer
It is important to know that there are some recommendations that are of great help to prevent the development of cancerous cells in the stomach, among these can be mentioned:
Avoid consumption of preserved foods with salt, vinegar and smoked.
Integrate into the food salads of fruits and vegetables.
Limit consumption of red meats, especially those containing large amounts of fat.
Avoid using tobacco and alcohol to reduce the chances of stomach cancer.

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Signs and symptoms of cancer in the stomach.

The first symptoms of stomach cancer are a little difficult to detect, but they are associated with the following:
Reduction of weight and appetite.
Severe pain in the stomach.
Discomforts above the navel.
Feeling of being full in the upper abdomen area.
Acidity and indigestion.
Vomiting, in some cases with blood and nausea.
Inflammation of the abdomen caused by the accumulation of fluid and cancer cells in the stomach.
Alterations in the intestinal evacuation.
If any of these signs or symptoms occur, it is best to go to the doctor to make an assessment and provide an appropriate diagnosis. This needs to be done since in some cases these symptoms do not appear until the cancer is very advanced.
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How is stomach cancer diagnosed?
To detect stomach cancer, the following tests are required: Endoscopy. This is done for the purpose of diagnosing if there is actually cancer in the stomach or also to rule out the chances of suffering from this disease. An endoscopy ultrasound and a biopsy can also be done to remove a sample and send it to the laboratory for examination through a microscope.
When the cancer is diagnosed the person can go to the following treatments:
Surgeries to remove cancer.