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What is Lung Cancer And How To Diagnose It?

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Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers today, causing a large number of deaths in both men and women.

One of the main causes of this type of cancer is the consumption of tobacco. This is because it has toxic chemicals, released through the smoke of smokers. These chemicals accumulate in the lungs and cause damage to the cells, making them cancerous.
Another major cause of lung cancer is exposure to radon. This consists of an odorless and colorless gas that is released with the natural disintegration of uranium, radium, and thorium into the earth. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.


However, there are other factors that influence the origin of lung cancer:

As the age advances, there is more risk that the person suffers from cancer.
Hereditary factors.
Environmental factors.
When suffering from diseases like tuberculosis and bronchitis.
One way to prevent the risk of cancer is to stop smoking, avoid exposure to toxic radiation and chemicals, implement good eating habits, perform physical activities and maintain proper weight.


Symptoms of Lung Cancer

There are 2 types of cancer cells, small cell, and non-small cell. The former causes 13% of cancers in the lungs and in some cases spreads easily. The second is the cause of 87% of this type of cancer and develops slowly.
When cancer starts to grow, it is difficult to detect and causes no symptoms in its initial stages, but as it develops, it causes problems with the lung function and the symptoms usually appear. These include:
Difficulty breathing.
A constant cough, over time this gets worse.
Severe chest pain.
The voice becomes hoarse.
Decreased weight involuntarily.
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Suffering from some of these symptoms is not evidence of cancer in the lungs, as these can also occur in other types of diseases. If the symptoms mentioned persisting for several weeks or months, it is best to visit a doctor so that he can give a diagnosis and treatment as required.
What tests are used to diagnose lung cancer?
To diagnose lung cancer, the following tests must be performed:
1. Bone Scintigraphy.
2. Magnetic resonance of the thorax and radiography.
3. Examination of sputum to find cancerous cells.
4. In some cases, a piece of tissue can be removed from the lungs to perform a biopsy.
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When an analysis gives a positive result of lung cancer, it has to be treated immediately, some treatments indicated for this cancer are:
Surgery is used to remove the tumor when it has spread beyond the lymph nodes.
The use of chemotherapies is to eliminate cancer cells and prevent the growth of new malignant cells.
Radiation therapies, X-rays are used to destroy cancer cells.
The above-mentioned treatments can be done combined or alone, everything is the independence of what the specialist indicates.