Top Symptoms of the Liver Cancer –

Top Symptoms of the Liver Cancer

498013592Liver cancer is a heavy disease characterized by a development of the malignant tumor in the liver. Liver cancer with its specific symptoms can develop as a result of the impact of such main factors as liver cirrhosis, viral hepatitis and the use of products that include aflatoxin.

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Frequent nasal bleedings may be also pointed out as a possible symptom. The patient’s skin responds to the disease in a very specific way. Small-sized specks of blue, pink or red color and of elongated shape appear on its surface and are filled with a network of small blood vessels. Liver cancer metastases can be detected directly in the liver, lymph nodes near the liver gate and in other organs, but predominantly the metastases are spreading to the spine and the bones.

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Symptoms of liver cancer are manifested primarily as a result of the aforementioned liver diseases that determine the overall signs of these diseases, as well as the appearance of some new symptoms.
The initial stages are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. A clearly defined feeling of heaviness and dull pain appears in the right hypochondrium area. There is also a fever and overall weakness. Another sign is anemia that is manifested in the form of a low blood pressure, severe fatigue, hands tremor, and dizziness. Weight loss is recorded in 85% of cases.

Sad woman laying on couchAlmost 15% of all patients encounter an intra-abdominal bleeding followed by the ongoing shock. The possibility of endocrine disorders caused by the secretion of hormone-like substances by the tumor cells still preserves on the given stage.

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Within a few weeks, an increase in the liver dimensions starts while liver itself acquires a peculiar roughness and density. Palpation of the liver in 50% of cases reveals the presence of a painful tumor formation. In addition to these symptoms, jaundice develops gradually along with the other general signs indicating a liver failure.