Top Symptoms of Schizophrenia –

Top Symptoms of Schizophrenia

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Doctors believe that schizophrenia emerges as a result of a brain’s disruption. A certain part of the brain may show greater activity than the other. This leads to the development of the disease. How to determine that a person has schizophrenia? Five main signs of schizophrenia are as follows.

Delusion is a condition when the feelings are not as they really are. In 90% of schizophrenia cases delusion is the most common symptom. Usually, delusion has different shapes. A person may experience delusions of persecution, mistakenly perceive the environment not as it really is or have a megalomania or mania of a power over other people. A possible example of delusion is human behavior when a person feels undervalued and tries to prove everyone it is really capable of doing great things like making an invention that can change history.


Hallucinations. A person may feel the sounds or experience feelings that are not real. For example, a person may feel it holds something, though it isn’t so indeed. Extremely strong emotions compared to orgasm may be a typical example of such hallucinations. Hallucinations may include all sensations, so a man cannot determine alone what is real and what is not. Typically, when a person stays alone for a long time, hallucinations become more frequent.

Slurred speech

Slurred speech. Sometimes the speech may be unclear. A person invents new words or even a language. These hallucinations are accompanied by hearing impairment. Also, this symptom can include repetition of words and phrases several times. A senseless rhyming of words is a quite funny kind of schizophrenia.

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Scattered behavior. A person’s emotions are fading and interest for a job may be lost. An interest for life may disappear at all too. A person may try to commit suicide or harm some parts of the body. This symptom also manifests itself in a violation of language skills. It is difficult to remember the words to express own opinion.

Other symptoms. A person with schizophrenia does not behave like other people. It differs from the others, though it did not notice and do not realize a problem because the feelings are as real as those of a normal person. If a remark is made to a patient, he will treat that remark aggressively and try to prove everyone that he is not a sick man. However, his words and attempts to prove the truth of hallucinations may look very real. Such symptoms usually disappear with proper treatment.