Top 7 Symptoms of Parasite Infection –

Top 7 Symptoms of Parasite Infection

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1. Intoxication, which occurs as a result of the fact that parasites in the process of their vital activity and secrete products that poison the human body. The main signs of intoxication are a headache, weakness, irritability, nausea and poor appetite.

2. Eruptions on the skin, which are allergic, are most often observed in children. Their appearance is associated with the negative impact of toxins, which secrete parasites on the body. In the event that a person is allergic, infection with parasites can cause seizures of a severe cough and edema.

3. Weight loss, as well as allergic rashes, most often it occurs in children that are infected with parasites. Despite the use of sufficient food for their age, they look thin and can not gain weight. The reason is that parasites live in the human body due to nutrients, the source of which is food.
4. Periodic fever without signs of a certain disease. Usually, the body temperature rises to
37.5 ° C.
5. The upsetting of the gastrointestinal tract, which is manifested by constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence and so on.
6. Pale skin, dizziness caused by lack of nutrients, macro, micro-organisms, and vitamins.

7. A craving for sweets, which can indicate the presence of parasites in the body.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the problems with sleeping and gnashing of the teeth during the night period, the cause of which is the poisoning of the organism with helminths. Constant coughing is one of the signs of the presence of helminths, which migrate in the body and most often, settle in the respiratory tract. In most cases, we are talking about ascariasis.
If there is a suspicion of parasite infection, it is necessary to pass tests that confirm or deny their presence. In any case, self-medication is not recommended.