Top 7 Symptoms of Drug Addicts –

Top 7 Symptoms of Drug Addicts

Changes in mood

When a person starts using drugs, people can easily detect it. It is especially easy to recognize young people who use drugs. Consider top 7 major signs of a drug user.

1. Changes in mood. These changes are clearly manifested. A person can be in a good mood and literally within hours feel completely depressed. It can also be too emotional. The emotions may be different: happiness, depression, anger, annoyance. A person may also look for a psychological protection, blaming others and protecting itself. Quite often, drug addicts complain they have a feeling they are pursued.

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2. Changes of the character. No matter what kind of drugs a person takes, the character may change in different directions. If the person is relaxed to drug use, it can become a very evil man moving after drug use. Conversely, if the man is too vigorous, signs of sluggish behavior are observed. Such changes may occur and dependence on medicines. Typically, after the rejection of pills, a person restores a natural behavior.


3. Manipulation. Drug abusers often try to hide their true feelings and intentions. This is because people know that society treats the addict with disdain. In order to achieve the necessary funds for the purchase of drugs, they have to lie. Only it’s not a lie, it is a gradual misleading of people who no longer understand what is happening. If you do not understand what is happening with your friend or a sweetheart, it may be a sign of manipulation.

 Difficulties in communication

4. Difficulties in communication. Addicts cannot sit in one place quietly. A typical behavior of the addict is twitching while sitting or excessive moves of hands, head or spine. The person feels anxiety and internal pressure without drugs, which can be expressed as pain in the muscles, bones or a headache. Addicts often jerk or scrub themselves.

Loss of social life

5. Loss of social life. If a person does not want to communicate with the former friends and looks locked in itself, it is the first bad sign. This behavior resembles apathy, lack of interest, loss of interest in former hobbies, quarrels with friends. The person often does not want to walk the city, it is closed in itself.


6. Anxiety. Anxiety is often expressed along with the tensions in communication. A person can constantly twitch and do not typically perform normal movements. There are opposing manifestations of anxiety. A person can sit very quietly, without any movements at all. This condition may be accompanied by excessive sweating of hands and feet.


7. Specific symptoms. When there is an opium dependence, a person may sneeze, a goose skin appears, chewing muscles may move too. When there is a dependence on marijuana, the addict experiences various feelings like irritation, tingling or burning. The cocaine dependence provokes strange sensations under the skin, it may be even felt like a sense of having living organisms under the skin. The drug addict may experience pain in joints or stomach pain too.