Top 6 Thyroid Cancer Symptoms –

Top 6 Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

Scanning of a thyroid

Thyroid cancer is an endocrine disease that is caused by the abnormal growth and division of cells within a thyroid body. Thyroid cancer is not a widespread type of cancer. It’s mostly diagnosed in patients around 50. If the symptoms of thyroid cancer were detected on the early stages of its development, the prognosis for patients is generally optimistic.

Swollen Lymph Node

Swelling on the neck is the most evident physical sign of the thyroid cancer. But not all thyroid nodes are so large to cause swelling on the neck. Most often, it is the doctor who reveals it first. In other cases, someone may notice the swelling on your neck while swallowing.

Hoarse Voice

Another sign of the thyroid cancer is increased lymph nodes on the neck. Besides, the increase of lymph nodes is not always a sign of the malignant process. It may be associated with other diseases like angina, a bad cold or certain infectious diseases. Such lymph nodes may be painful and the body temperature may also increase. The thyroid body is located directly in front of the larynx, covering a trachea in front. The larynx is a respiratory organ, where a voice is born. Large thyroid node can compress the larynx, causing a change of voice, namely hoarseness.

sore throat

Shortness of breath and difficulty in swallowing are also the symptoms of the thyroid cancer. The thyroid body may compress the trachea and make its lumen narrower. This is manifested by the shortness of breath and hard breathing. Moreover, the thyroid node can also cause the esophagus compression that may lead to the violation of swallowing.


Pain in the neck is the signal indicating that something is wrong inside the body. It is necessary to consult a doctor if the pain in the neck lasts over several weeks to determine the precise cause of it.

sore throat, shown red, keep handed

Throat pain is another symptom that may indicate the thyroid cancer. If it lasts longer than after catching a usual cold, it’s better to see a doctor.