Top 6 Symptoms of Female Infertility -

Top 6 Symptoms of Female Infertility

Female infertility is becoming one of the most widely spread problems in recent years.

Statistics show that each third couple experiences certain difficulties planning a pregnancy. Such situation is connected not only with a constantly deteriorating ecology but very often with individual peculiarities of the partners. We’ve prepared a list of 6 symptoms that may indicate female infertility.

Menstrual disorders

Menstrual disorders.

A menstrual cycle is a process of a regular ovulation. Failures in this mechanism may be a signal of the first problems with the reproductive function. That’s why every woman should clearly know her cycle period to be able to track changes in time. The following menstrual disorders are considered to be the first symptoms of infertility:
– too strong or too poor menstrual discharge shows that something goes wrong inside a woman’s body and an immediate medical intervention is required;
– amenorrhea is the disease when menstrual bleeding is absent for more than six months, which means the complete absence of ovulation process. Clearly, there are no chances for conception in this case.