Top 6 Symptoms of Female Infertility –

Top 6 Symptoms of Female Infertility

Female infertility is becoming one of the most widely spread problems in recent years. Statistics shows that each third couple experiences certain difficulties planning a pregnancy. Such situation is connected not only with a constantly deteriorating ecology but very often with individual peculiarities of the partners. We’ve prepared a list of 6 symptoms that may indicate a female infertility.

Menstrual disorders

Menstrual disorders. Menstrual cycle is a process of a regular ovulation. Failures in this mechanism may be a signal of the first problems with the reproductive function. That’s why every woman should clearly know her cycle period to be able to track changes in time. The following menstrual disorders are considered to be the first symptoms of infertility:
– too strong or too poor menstrual discharge shows that something goes wrong inside a woman’s body and an immediate medical intervention is required;
– amenorrhea is the disease when menstrual bleeding is absent for more than six months, which means the complete absence of ovulation process. Clearly, there are no chances for conception in this case.

pain during the menstrual cycle
Pain. Unfortunately, many women completely uselessly accustom themselves to endure pain, because it may become a serious obstacle when planning pregnancy. It is especially true, when it comes to pain during the menstrual cycle. The pain may occur in such cases, but some young girls as well as mature women experience such severe pain that they cannot normally eat, sleep or work during these days. If the pain during menstruation is literally unbearable and prevents a woman from enjoying her life, it may be one of the possible indicators of infertility. The sooner a woman visits a doctor with her problem, the higher the chances to avoid terrible consequences.
Hormonal imbalance
Hormonal imbalance. Organism of some women produces an excess quantity of androgens, i.e. male hormones. Too oily skin, constant acne, excessive hair on the body are the undesired and unpleasant consequences of such malfunction. All these signs may act as symptoms of female infertility because under such hormonal imbalance female ovary cysts are filled with fluid and do not contain eggs.

Problems with body weight

Problems with body weight. Any weight problems may be regarded as symptoms of infertility. They should make a woman think seriously about what awaits her in the future. Here are the most widespread weight problems.

  • Anorexia. Nowadays women want to obtain a slim figure with the aid of various diets, but during the race for an ideal body they frequently completely forget about the terrible consequences that anorexia or a dramatic weight loss may cause. This disease may trigger a suspension of ovulation since many organs do not receive enough nutrients. The consequence is the inability to conceive.
  • Obesity. There is another problematic group of women that forget it is important not to overeat since it may lead to obesity. Obesity may bring the same results as anorexia, namely, the end of ovulation and the inability to conceive.
  • Sharp weight fluctuations. Some diets are actually very effective and many girls sometimes lose too many kilograms during a short time. An opposite phenomenon may also happen. When the diet is over and some weight is lost, a very rapid weight gain begins. Both these cases are a significant stress to the organism and a hormonal failure may be one of its possible responses.
Sexual infections
Sexual infections. There is a large number of women who are insufficiently informed about the sexually transmitted diseases. Their knowledge is usually limited to diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis or AIDS. In fact, dangerous sexual infections may develop completely asymptomatically, thus bringing a terrible damage, if not detected in time. For example, chlamydia may dangerously hurt the fallopian tubes, which play an active role in the process of conception. That’s why it is so important to make genital infections tests to start early treatment in case of trouble. If the aforementioned diseases are detected in a woman on a regular basis, it may be one of the infertility symptoms.
Discharge as infertility symptom
Discharge as infertility symptom. Discolored or cloudy discharge from the breasts may indicate hyperprolactinemia, a serious disease that provokes infertility. This hormonal disorder provokes the increase of prolactin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The increased quantity of this hormone in the blood of a woman is not a norm. Note that any of these symptoms that happens alone still means nothing. Only observing them together, a doctor can make certain conclusions. Only an expert can define a final and irrevocable diagnosis. However, even after bad news, you shouldn’t give up, since modern medicine is able to make wonders even in terms of terrible diagnoses.