Top 6 Stroke Symptoms –

Top 6 Stroke Symptoms


Trouble seeing or blurry vision

A stroke occurs when the blood flow to the brain is suddenly blocked. Nerve cells in the brain begin to die because they do not receive oxygen and nutrients and the brain ceases to function properly. Here are 6 main symptoms of the stroke.

1. Blurry vision or loss of vision. Blurry vision in one or both eyes can be a sign of stroke. According to statistics, about 40% of people who have suffered from a stroke experienced deterioration of vision prior to the stroke.

Difficulty speaking or confusion

2. Problems with speaking. Inarticulate and incoherent speech is the earliest sign of the coming stroke. Generally, the stroke is always accompanied by problems with speech and understanding. Problems with speaking begin because the tongue is of irregular shape and sinks to one side or the other.

Weak arm or leg

3. Numbness in limbs. This is also the first sign of a stroke. To determine the numbness, perform a quick test. Stretch your arms out for 10 seconds with your palms up. If any arm falls, it indicates weakness and the possibility of stroke.


4. Attacks of dizziness and loss of equilibrium. Dizziness is a serious warning sign of a possible stroke, especially for women under 45. If you feel dizzy or experience sudden fainting, ask for immediate medical help.

Waking up with aches and pains

5. A severe headache and weak face muscles. A severe headache is a common sign of a stroke. The studies show that those who had strong headaches before the stroke were mostly young people with a medical history of a migraine. It was also found that women are more prone to strokes than men. You may also feel sudden weakness or paralysis on the one side of the face or body. Similarly, when trying to smile your mouth may fall down to the left or right side. So if you experience these symptoms, you should immediately call a doctor.

Fatigue or mental changes

6. Difficulties with breathing and accelerated heartbeat. Sudden shortness of breath occurs due to problems with breathing. It also causes an accelerated heartbeat as a result of lack of oxygen. This symptom is predominant in women, but men shouldn’t ignore it too.