Symptoms of Zika Fever -

Symptoms of Zika Fever

Zika virus transmission

An incubation period of Zika disease

is not studied well, with a high probability it takes a period from 1 to 3 days. Symptoms are expressed softly and are similar to those of other infectious diseases. The course of infection is always acute and there is no chronic form of the disease. Zika disease passes quickly enough, but the virus is able to influence the genetic structure of the human organism and cause rare but dangerous complications.

80% of infected patients demonstrate no specific symptoms and no complaints and often these people are not even aware they are infected. The remaining 20% of patients experience the symptoms that are similar to those caused by dengue or chikungunya viruses. Severe cases are extremely rare and are mainly observed in the background of already existing diseases that weaken the organism’s protective abilities. Zika virus is dangerous for small children most of all. The child may suffer from convulsions, paralysis or even cerebral palsy.

The clinical picture of Zika disease includes the following symptoms: