Main Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer –

Main Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is known as a very common malignant tumor that appears primarily in men over 40 years.

1 in 10 men may have this type of cancer.
The prostate consists of a man’s sexual gland, which produces semen. It is the size of a walnut and is located underneath the bladder of the urine. Prostate cancer develops slowly and is based on the development of malignant cells within the prostate.
Some epidemiological studies have shown that prostate cancer is caused by the following factors that are mentioned below:

genetics factors

Genetic factors.

There have been some genetic studies where it has been discovered that there is a specific gene on chromosome 1 that increases the possibility of developing this cancer.
Environmental factors are also promoters of prostate cancer. For example among these factors are foods rich diets of animal fats, exposure to smoke from cars, fertilizers, paint, etc.
There are agents that are considered infectious because they are transmitted through sexual relations, which can cause prostate cancer in men. That is to say when they have relations with sick women and begin their sexual activity at an early age.

photo radiotherapy

Among the most common treatments in men with prostate cancer are the following:

If cancer has not spread, you can use hormone therapy.
If cancer spreads after using the treatment mentioned above, then it is treated with chemotherapies, immunotherapy.

Symptoms of prostate cancer in men
Problems and pain when urinating.
Weak stream of urine.
Frequent feeling of urination.
Blood in the urine.
Blood in the semen.
Pain in the spine or other areas of the body by the spread of cancer to the bones.
Feeling of pain when ejaculating.
Severe hip pain.
Pain in the thighs.
Pain in the testicles.
Problems of impotence.

Some of the symptoms mentioned may take some years to appear. For this reason, it is necessary for men who are likely to develop this cancer to have frequent medical exams. It is also important not to forget that while you are advancing in age there is more risk of suffering this disease.
It is also important to know that prostate cancer can be diagnosed through the following tests:
Rectal examination.
Blood test PSA (prostate specific antigen)
Urine test.
It is necessary to perform tests of high sensitivity to identify prostate cancer and be treated as soon as possible. A balanced diet, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of this type of cancer.