Main Symptoms of Encephalitis -

Main Symptoms of Encephalitis

Symptoms of Encephalitis 2

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain caused by a viral infection.

Sometimes the immune system may mistakenly attack its own tissues that result in encephalitis. This pathology is an acute inflammation that comes suddenly, develops rapidly and needs urgent medical help. Encephalitis may emerge as a consequence of some other diseases, for instance, measles, chickenpox or herpes.
There are no universal signs of encephalitis because the symptoms depend on the type of pathogen as well as the place of where it penetrated the brain.

General cerebral symptoms include the following:

a headache that is commonly felt in all parts of the head

nausea and vomiting that brings no relief

weakness and loss of ability to work

impairment of consciousness that varies from a slight drowsiness to the deep depression of consciousness accompanied by the loss of response to external stimuli

fever that is accompanied by the rise of body temperature over 38 °C.
Specific symptoms that are associated with the damage to a particular brain area include the following manifestations.