How to Protect Yourself Against Catching a Cold –

How to Protect Yourself Against Catching a Cold

How to Protect Yourself Against Catching a Cold

When it’s getting chilly outside, the chances to catch a cold get higher. Knowing a few simple rules will help you protect yourself against this disease.

Develop the right habits

Exercising, regular fitness classes, outdoor walks and good sleep are all friends of a strong immune system, while the active and passive smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle are risk factors that increase the likelihood of catching a cold.

In a nutshell, you need to follow the next recommendations:

– at least a half an hour of walking;
– balanced daily exercise;
– 7-9 hours of sleep;
– 5 minutes of a contrast shower every morning;
– no more than 2 hours in front of TV per day;
– when working at a computer, a 5-minute break every hour.


Eat the right food

During the cold season, both children and adults should have plenty of hot meals: freshly prepared soups, porridge, stew, lemon tea and fruit drinks. The family’s diet should include seafood, dairy products, lean meat, poultry, chicken and quail eggs, cereals, fresh and frozen vegetables, berries, fruits and honey.

This menu is rich with antioxidant vitamins A, E, C, protein, fiber, slow carbohydrates and trace elements (iron, copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc). All of these elements have a positive effect on the immune system and metabolism making the organism stronger and more resistant to all sorts of viruses.

Make cleanliness your golden rule

Viruses causing SARS and influenza thrive on door handles, banknotes, stair handrails, elevator buttons, utensils, clothes, children’s toys, books. .. All surfaces and items that relate to the infected person are a potentially dangerous source of infection.

Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and regular wet cleaning of the house as well as a daily airing of the home will significantly reduce the chances of catching a cold.

Consider taking immunomodulatory medicine

If you feel that your immune system can do a better job protecting your organism from infectious diseases, immunomodulatory medicine can help. Your doctor will prescribe you the ones right just for you. Never take these drugs on your own, without a proper medical consultation first.

Dress appropriately

Remember to dress for the weather. Check out the weather forecast before leaving the house and dress appropriately but in a way that makes you feel comfortable – not too hot and not too cold.

Rinse your nose (especially after going outside)

This is the most effective way to protect yourself against catching a cold because SARS pathogens are usually transmitted by airborne droplets and deposit on the mucous membranes. By rinsing your nose, you get rid of these viruses before they cause serious damage.

These simple tips are easy to follow and effective. Stick to them and stay healthy at all times!