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How to Get Rid of Stomach Discomfort

Unusual Symptoms Should be Checked

Many people complain of a massive feeling of bloating, heartburn, or pain in the upper abdomen after a more or less lavish meal. Cramps are particularly unpleasant, as they often persist for minutes. Some people already know these symptoms because they have been sensitive for a long time or because they know they have eaten too much, too hastily or too much fat.

“When such symptoms occur for the first time and are unusual, the doctor should be consulted,” advises the gastroenterologist Professor Joachim Erckenbrecht, who works at the Clinic for Internal Medicine within Florence Nightingale Hospital of Dusseldorf, as well as in a private practice. This is particularly true if more worrying symptoms develop, such as bloody vomiting or black stool. That is an emergency which needs an immediate check-up.