How To Detect Colon Cancer Symptoms? –

How To Detect Colon Cancer Symptoms?

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Colon cancer is known as cancer of the large intestine and this is the most common of the digestive system.

This cancer is common to occur in both sexes and is one of the leading diseases of death in Western countries.
Colon cancer is caused by genetic and environmental factors. That is, some specialists say that this cancer can be triggered by the implementation of diets rich in saturated fats. Also, if a person is overweight, they are more at risk for the disease.
Age is another factor that causes the appearance of colon cancer and this usually occurs when a person is over 50 years, however, there are possibilities that from the age of 40 this may begin to develop.
Polyps are a possible cause of colon cancer since there is a relationship between adenomatosis polyps and this cancer. It is important to know that a polyp is a protuberance that originates above the surface of the intestinal mucosa.

How to detect colon cancer.

Colon cancer can be detected through different tests, however, if you have any type of symptoms that this type of cancer causes, you will need tests to make sure you have this disease and determine the degree of involvement.
Some of the tests listed below are those used to diagnose rectal colorectal cancer:
The doctor can be guided by your medical history and by physical examination.
Colonoscopy, this test involves placing a thin, flexible, lighted tube into the colon through the rectum.
It can be detected by means of a biopsy when extracting a sample and sending it to the laboratory and thus to determine if cancer exists.
A CT scan using x-rays.

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Symptoms that cause colon cancer.

The symptoms of colon cancer may be different depending on where it is found in the large intestine.
One of the main symptoms of colon cancer is blood in the stool. If the blood is red the cancer is placed in the descending colon and if this, when combined with the feces, gets a black color called melees, then it is located in the ascending colon.
When a person spends enough time with this bleeding and does not visit a doctor, he usually suffers from anemia, shortness of breath, tiredness, dizziness or palpitations.
You may also have diarrhea or constipation.
Stools become narrower.
Feeling of incomplete evacuation.
One of the common symptoms of colon cancer is abdominal pain.
Tiredness and weight loss.
It is important that you know that this type of symptoms can also occur in diseases other than cancer such as problems with hemorrhoids, diarrhea or some type of digestive disorders. However, when you have these types of symptoms it is best that you attend a doctor so that you can get a diagnosis accompanied by an appropriate treatment.