Anorexia in Young People –

Anorexia in Young People

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Although Anorexia Nervosa, also known as Anorexia doesn’t discriminate in terms of age and other factors, there are higher chances of it being developed in the younger years.

This is because teenagers tend to be very sensitive about what people around them say about their figure. Television and other forms of media tell them that “sexy” people get the most amount of attention and praise so they get the perception that they have to stay thin.

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You can do something about this threatening development of Anorexia in young people.

You can start with teaching them the difference between eating healthy and dieting. By eating the right kinds of foods in considerable amounts, the body will be healthy and there is no need to go on a restrictive diet. When you give comments about other people’s appearance, watch your words. Do not use insulting words that may hurt the feelings of anyone. When kids hear about how harsh you talk about other people’s looks, they may start to feel conscious of their own.

Keep the communication lines open between you and your children. Teenagers tend to be very sensitive during adolescence and it is important that someone gives them time and attention whenever they need to express their emotions to someone. When you are not around, they may get wrong messages from other people and they end up believing what’s wrong.

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Anorexia is way more than just weight issues.

There are deeper psychological issues that need to be addressed, prevented, and treated as early as possible. If you suspect that a teenager is showing signs of Anorexia, immediately provide them with the necessary attention. They may not like your sudden interest in their lives at first, but with proper guidance, you can save them from developing the complications brought about by such eating disorder.