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7 Symptoms of Burning Out at Work

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  1. You Think There is no Work that Brings Pleasure

      Even if at the beginning of your career path you had a pleasure from your work, then after a while everything changed very quickly and the word “work” equated to the word “slavery”… After all, you think that you are the most unfortunate employee of the firm, all your colleagues go on vacation and, have fun on weekends, leave an interesting life, but you don’t. Wait a minute, if your colleagues have the opportunity to live life fully, then perhaps, the problem is in you, maybe you have chosen this way, because you think that you have to work more and more, in short wards let’s say “work until you wear out”.

     Work “on wear” most often leads to misbalance of mental health, physical condition, cheerfulness, and self-confidence. Once you “rotate” into your workplace, you become an uninteresting interlocutor, your personality, charisma, sense of humor and charm disappears.

      If you have found at least one of these symptoms in yourself, immediately go on vacation, so when you return, with the new forces to work you will start receiving from it the maximum pleasure.