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7 Symptoms of Burning Out at Work

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  1. You Don’t Care About Your Appearance

      If you are no longer worried about your appearance – this is definitely a bad sign, since a person feels comfortable and confident only when he/she looks great.

We will call this case “zombie syndrome”: they woke up like zombies in the morning, spent the whole working day in the same condition, sat in front of the TV as a zombie and slept. Why live in such condition when you don’t care about anything?   You can live a nice life, be happy and look beautiful and well-groomed.

One scenario is when you have an over-loaded working day after which you have only one desire it is to sleep. If you want to sleep and nothing else, then you should think about reducing the working time, and if this is not possible – then think about reducing the working days.

The second scenario is when besides your work you are not able to see anything else. Then take a deep breath and schedule a day, which should include not only a working duty, but also personal life, something like visiting a cafe with your friends in the evening, or spa procedures. If you do not spend time and money on yourself, then there’s no point in working at all then. In the most desperate people, sometimes, such stages occur, and a person clogs up at home, does not work, and also does not spend anything. But here very often, begins the psychological problems, which they are very difficult to solve.