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7 Symptoms of Burning Out at Work

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  1. Deteriorated Emotional Condition

       If in order to get back to the normal physical health can be easily by rest, then to restore the psychological balance is not so easy.

         A few months ago, you were a cheerful optimistic person who after the working day,  did a lot of work at home, had time to fulfill all household duties, watched a movie, or read a book, and today you are a snail that barely crawls to the house? Congratulations, you finally burned out at your work not only as a specialist but also as a person who does not live but exists outside of the office.

      Firstly, you have to understand clearly that you work in order to fully live your life, have money for necessary things and entertainment, and do not live in order to slowly, but confidently, go to work and forget about the world beyond.

      Secondly, take a vacation, reduce the number of working hours, do everything possible to improve your emotional state. Because it will be much worse if you bring yourself back to the stage of a total depression and quit your job. It is better to make less money for some period of time, but feel happier and more comfortable.