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7 Symptoms of Burning Out at Work

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  1. You Started to Feel Bad

        If the condition of your health starts being bad, and besides the work you are not doing anything else, then you should relax a little and reduce the list of your duties, because the company you work for, needs a healthy employee who does not stay on sick leave every four days.

      The first reason why your health deteriorates is reduced immunity. You eat little, live on snacks, drink lots of coffee, and eat bad foods, fatty foods, and fast carbohydrates? The work requires a lot of time, no one argues with this, but to allocate for eight working hours half an hour to eat and rest sometimes is not enough. So you should use your breaks too and then you will feel better.

      The second thing that hurts your health is not to take a sick time leave when you really need it. Many people just rest for one day when they get sick and again run to work the second day, but then in a few days the illness returns again and even in a heavier form because they didn’t get well completely. To be a good employee you do not need to sacrifice your health because even if you show up at work when you are sick, you will not be able to work to the full, because you won’t be able to carry out the amount of work that is distributed to you.

   Watch your health, visit doctors regularly, if necessary, take your sick-time off and then every day with a joy you will want to wake up and go to work.