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7 Symptoms of Burning Out at Work

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  1. Every Working Day is Like a Punishment

At first, you have seems to be feeling well. After your work day, you managed to do all the work, and everything was fine.  But in the morning, after you got up, as soon as you think about the future workday, you wish to fall down back to bed and even lie to your employee that you are ill, or you can not come because of the family reasons? At lunchtime, you are the very first one to run away, and you are the last one to come back? In the workplace, you count the sheep and look at the ceiling, and half an hour before the end of your working time you are no longer exist? Did you think that in that case you live a large number of empty hours and you do nothing worthwhile for yourself or for others?

Fatigue from work is normal, but if after a full-fledged weekend you still do not want to return to the workplace and think that work is not a life, but only a way to make money, and at the same time you feel completely unhappy? Either you need to format your internal disk, or you have to change your views on work. Make up the pros and cons, make sure that this is the work that you really need, and then decide what to do next. After all, when you are in a depressed state from day to day, it is very difficult to understand yourself and your problems, which accumulates and accumulates. As a result, they provoke a depressive state and slow down your work capacity.

If you think about your working hours as slavery, then you should think about whether you chose the correct place and type of work.