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7 Symptoms of Burning Out at Work

  1. Constant Fatigue

You sleep eight hours a day, work, but still, you do not have enough time for anything, feel the constant tiredness and desire to get back to the bed as soon as possible? This is surely a sign that your work is oppressing you, and you have no strength to visit this place every day, to see those people and live “Groundhog Day” month after month. You do not have enough free time, you come home and immediately fall in the bed, then you can not get up for a long time and so your evening passes, which you had to devote for cleaning or cooking.

There are two scenarios: the first one is, either you have so much free time that you waste it and get tired of doing little or nothing, or the second one is when you are tired of your work and so exhausted over a working day that you no longer want to do anything.

From work that you like, you get tired physically, but physical fatigue does not interfere with an active way of your life. On the other side, psychological fatigue is another story that prevents you from living a full life.

You have two options: either take a vacation or quit. If you have repeatedly thought about quitting, so maybe it is time to do it? If until recently, work has brought you a pleasure, but in the last few weeks all you want is to escape from it quickly, then the best option for you is to take a vacation and rest morally and physically.