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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Self-Medicate

Imagine that based on the symptoms of the Internet you have set yourself an incorrect diagnosis. You went to the pharmacy, bought expensive medications, started treatment, but there is no result, and the condition of other organs also began to deteriorate. Many patients with severe diagnoses after the self-treatment arrived in the clinics in critical conditions. You wasted the money that could be spent on effective treatment. All medications in the modern world are expensive, even if they are manufactured in your country. Expensive treatment should be effective, but in the case of self-medication, you play roulette, which most likely will not be successful, but, on the contrary, will only make you worse.

Wasted Time.

As you know, time is the most valuable thing in our life, as it can not be returned, and we do not want to lose it in vain. If dealing with the disease, time plays a major role, as the disease can progress and become stronger with every day, or the hour and become more dangerous for our life. Without special devices, it is sometimes difficult to understand what the cause of the disease is. How to treat it and avoid negative consequences? But sometimes we are not used to trusting our lives to the doctors, but let things go by themselves and get a “cure pills” from the pharmacy. Do not waste time on unnecessary medications. The best thing is to go on a visit to your doctor, if necessary, visit several specialists to make sure your diagnosis is correct.

Drugs interaction. Many drugs do not combine with each other and only harm your well being. You noticed that doctors do not always prescribe the same drugs every time with an ordinary virus disease. First, they are based on the severity of the disease, and secondly, on the side effects, because each year the viruses mutate and have different side effects, and thirdly, some elements in combination will only worsen your condition and provoke a number of other diseases that will be more difficult and expensive to cure. The lesser that incongruous drugs can provoke is an allergic reaction, but not only of mild form, but often of a medium, or severe.

Harm to your health.
Let’s talk about antibiotic treatment. Antibiotic is a serious kind of medications that are needed to treat different diseases, including a flue. But despite its positive impact, it can harm the body too. Antibiotics destroy the intestinal microflora, induce bloating, diarrhea, and other side effects. Along with antibiotics, doctors prescribe prebiotics that normalizes the work of your stomach. Many patients begin self-medication, buy drugs and do not think about what effect they have on the body, and what do you need to take care of your organs while taking antibiotics.
If teas, lozenges are not yet capable of causing any global influence on the human body, at most, they simply will not help, then in the case of antibiotics, everything can end up much worse and you will have to treat not only the common flue but also the consequences of improper intake of antibiotics.


Even if you correctly chose your drug and are confident that the course of the treatment corresponds to what the doctor would appoint you, then here’s what you can not be sure of. It’s whether you have the right dosage. The effectiveness of the treatment depends not only on the right medicines but also on the dosage that you have chosen. The number of days of the treatment, the number of medications per day, breaks and pauses, before, after, or with your meal. Time to take the pills plays a very important role in the treatment of a particular problem. Only the doctor, who examines you, can prescribe the right medication in the right time, because even a pharmacist who sells medicines to you does not know what your problem is, how serious it is, what kind of a history of illnesses do you have in general, because some drugs may be simply forbidden to you.

Use of Wrong Drugs.
When a doctor prescribes a treatment, he is taking into account not only the current situation but also going back, studying your medical history, thus avoiding options when the drugs bring not only benefits but also harm. Proper treatment is not only to cure the problem that exists at the moment but also to avoid the emergence of new ones, as well as the resumption of old problems. Not all drugs can favorably affect your condition, so it is better to contact a specialist, and do not engage in self-medication, but, really, once to spend money on a good treatment and no longer return to the exciting problem.
Health is something that can not be bought for any money, that’s why you should take a good care of yourself.