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5 Surprising Signs of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a malignant degeneration of the colon epithelium. Like in many other types of cancer, the early symptoms of the colon cancer are vague and implicit, so people rarely pay attention to them. Nevertheless, the early symptoms may include:
Changes of the intestinal peristalsis. The appearance of weakness, fatigue and weight loss that can’t be explained by natural reasons, anemia.
1. The inclusion of blood in the stool.

Taking a nap

More significant signs of the colon cancer appear during the tumor growth. As a rule, patients notice the following symptoms:
The presence of blood in the stool. There may be separate streaks as well as larger pieces
Pus and mucus appear in the stool causing an unpleasant smell of excrements
2. Constipation that changes with diarrhea may form quite long cycles.

Weight Loss or Poor Appetite
3. Change of tastes and aversion to certain types of food. These signs rarely cause the patient’s concerns. In most cases, the disease is detected accidentally during endoscopy or X-ray control performed for a completely another reason.

Upset Stomach
4. Low blood pressure, pale skin, recurrent bouts of cold sweat. These symptoms appear if the tumor is localized in the cecum gut.

A small percentage of children meet the criteria for IBS, and doctors can work on ways to help alleviate the pain.

5.Vomiting that does not bring any relief and is accompanied by an increasing body temperature. The feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel after a defecation.
Long-term lack of defecation that may last up to a few weeks. The belly remains hard and painful.Such symptoms of the colon cancer accompany the majority of cases. But a specific set of symptoms depends on many factors, primarily the localization of the tumor.