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10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Food

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  1. Gastritis

The first sign that your body does not like your diet is gastritis. Its first signs are heartburn and nausea, which eventually intensifies and more often disturbs you at the most improper moments.

There are a lot of products that can provoke the heartburn, but more often they are fatty foods, fried foods, fast foods, lots of sweets, species, too salty and peppery snacks. If you feel signs of heartburn only once, it does not mean that you have already encountered such a problem as gastritis, but if its manifestations occur more and more often – always consult a doctor, a gastroenterologist, who will examine you thoroughly and, if necessary, will appoint a course of treatment.

   Gastritis begins with heartburn, but the rest of its accompanying symptoms are much more complicated. Constant nausea is also one of a sign of gastritis. So, when you have gastritis, the mucous membrane of your stomach is inflamed, so every meal is like a test, it’s like you pour a salt on a fresh wound, it hurts. Of course, gastritis can be treated with special medications.  But in this case, it is worth of forgetting about the harmful and sweet foods and concentrates more on the foods that will keep the stomach in a normal condition. Otherwise, if you are getting treatment, but at the same time keep eating packets of chips and sweet candy, then nothing good can happen, and no improvement will happen, you are just throwing money “to the wind.” Proper nutrition – this does not mean completely abandoning harmful products, it is to supplement a full-fledged diet with your favorite sweets, without harm to the body.