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10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Food

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  1. Bad Sleep

    Bad sleep is another important reason to think about proper and balanced nutrition. If you are suffering from insomnia, bad dreams, no matter how much you sleep, or you can not get enough sleep – then you should think about what have you ate before going to bed, or several hours before.

The second scenario is when for the whole day you did not have time to eat, but in the evening you had a big dinner, then wait for the heaviness in the stomach and restless sleep, and then in the morning, you will have the feeling that you did not even sleep at all. Just like in one of the previous paragraphs, a healthy state and productivity of your body depend on what and when you ate.

   Food is energy for the body that is being consumed throughout the day, but if you have not eaten the whole day and decided to eat well in the evening – the body does not know what to do about it, and it begins too actively to work on processing it, while your brain rests and gaining strength. This item is also the cause of excess weight, because when you do not help your body to spend the energy, then it’s being saved for later.

   Another common case is the problem of falling asleep. Our full sleep depends directly on the food consumed throughout the day. Take the same example – overeating at night. Your stomach can not process all the food that you ate right before the bed and all organisms suffer. No matter how busy you get throughout the day, try to spend at least fifteen minutes in the middle of the day for a lunch, and for a dinner eat something light that can be digested quick and won’t create the feelings of heaviness, for your body but at the same time will eliminate the hunger.