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10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Food

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  1. Low Level of Brain Activity

      Do you often catch yourself thinking that your productivity is too low and while working, you getting tires very soon? Have you handed over a heap of analyzes tests, and a hormonal background and vitamins tests are in norm or rate, but any improvements have been seen yet? Ask yourself, do you eat right? Do you have a balanced diet?

    If you think that productivity depends only on rest and how full is your dreams are, then you are mistaken. To better explain how nutrition is related to your brain activity, let’s take, for example, a mobile phone. When you buy a brand new phone, it works fine, without interruptions, all programs are loaded instantly, the information is saved, but as soon as the memory is full, the phone robot slows down, and new information does not want to be saved. This happens until you get an additional memory card that will make your smartphone work easier. This “card for the brain” is a nutrition, which supports brain activity and improves it.

Improper nutrition complicates brain activity and slows the body’s work because it spends all its resources on food processing. To feel comfortable and throughout the day to be as productive as possible, you need to fill up the body with as many micro and macro elements as possible that support the brain activity and improve the general condition of the body overall.