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10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Food

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  1. Poor Health

   We touched on this point a little bit in the previous question, but the problems that are associated with poor health are very closely related to your diet.

   You could repeatedly notice that even if you rest all day, you still feel very exhausted and sluggish, even thou you remember that you ate that day, how many meals were, what food it was.

     In many cases, the body is spending an incredible amount of energy just to digest that harmful and fatty food that you ate. Worst of all, if the whole day you did not have time to eat and in the evening you have decided to satisfy your stomach. In that case, you can forget about good dreams and vigorously morning, because the whole night the organism struggled with food and it did not have time to rest and get ready for the coming day.

  Now consider the opposite option – when you eat too little. Of course, this option is less harmful to the body, but only if you do nothing all day and do not spend your precious energy all day long. Imagine a car with which you have poured gasoline for 10 kilometers, but you want to drive 100 kilometers on it. At one point your car will stop and won’t be going, the same thing happens to the body, but you still continue to do your business and do not notice how hard it is for the body without the “Fuel”. In this issue, the main thing is to find the golden middle. If you are not able to eat at least three times a day, then saturate your body as much as possible in the morning and feed with useful fruit and light snacks by the time you will be able to fully eat again.