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10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Food

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There is a saying: “We eat in order to live, but do not live in order to eat”, but actually it is the food that takes from us a lot of time, money and energy, in order to be able to buy and cook it. Eating a food is a whole cult that will never go out of fashion, because people ate, eat, and will be eating. All such things as gathering with friends, birthdays and just watching the movies are hard to imagine without food. But a person starts to think about his/her diet only when the problem occurs in the body due to improper eating habits. If you cannot decide to completely change the way of your diet and the way of your eating habits, then, to your attention we will bring: “10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to the Food You Eat“.

  1. Problems with Excess Weight

The first and most common problem faced by a significant percentage of the world’s population nowadays is the fight against excess weight. This problem arises from overeating, unbalanced nutrition, a dense dinner, a large number of sweet, floury, and roasted foods.

     For a person with excess weight, there is only one step left before the obesity, which is often becoming deplorable, since to regain its former forms, sometimes, becomes even dangerous for life. Of course, there are people who like their completeness, and they do not want to be thin or even fit, but to be dense, and to suffer from obesity due to improper nutrition are two different things. In the first case, a person can feel comfortable enough and be healthy, he can live a full life without damage to his body, but in the second case, it’s not about appearance, but about a deterioration of health, difficulty in moving, constant fatigue and lethargy. Often, many problems and complexities presented in a person’s life are connected just with a poor diet and the use of harmful foods.

  1. Poor Health

   We touched on this point a little bit in the previous question, but the problems that are associated with poor health are very closely related to your diet.

   You could repeatedly notice that even if you rest all day, you still feel very exhausted and sluggish, even thou you remember that you ate that day, how many meals were, what food it was.

     In many cases, the body is spending an incredible amount of energy just to digest that harmful and fatty food that you ate. Worst of all, if the whole day you did not have time to eat and in the evening you have decided to satisfy your stomach. In that case, you can forget about good dreams and vigorously morning, because the whole night the organism struggled with food and it did not have time to rest and get ready for the coming day.

  Now consider the opposite option – when you eat too little. Of course, this option is less harmful to the body, but only if you do nothing all day and do not spend your precious energy all day long. Imagine a car with which you have poured gasoline for 10 kilometers, but you want to drive 100 kilometers on it. At one point your car will stop and won’t be going, the same thing happens to the body, but you still continue to do your business and do not notice how hard it is for the body without the “Fuel”. In this issue, the main thing is to find the golden middle. If you are not able to eat at least three times a day, then saturate your body as much as possible in the morning and feed with useful fruit and light snacks by the time you will be able to fully eat again.

  1. Skin Problems

In adolescence, everyone is faced with a problem such as an acne, but if an adult who has a hormonal background is already well formed, and there is a problem with skin rashes then it is worthy of considering whether it is related to improper diet and/or an unbalanced diet.

      The first type of food that can cause acne is fatty food. Fatty foods have a lot of cholesterol, which badly affects the internal organs, and those, due to the fact that they are difficult to work with, affect the external indicators and notify you of their poor health by rashes. First and foremost, the liver suffers from fatty foods, which instantly “enriches” the skin with new “inhabitants”, makes it capricious and with a whole heap of contaminants.

      But even if you do not eat fatty foods, the same danger awaits you from the constant intake of chocolate and sweets. All parents frighten their children by the fact that chocolate harms the teeth, but many do not tell us what can happen to the skin if you get carried away with sweets. One technique at the dentist can solve the problem with the teeth that have arisen in connection with the use of sweets, but with the skin, the situation is more difficult, it will have to be treated long, and some consequences can remain until the end of your life on your face and body.

  1. Low Level of Brain Activity

      Do you often catch yourself thinking that your productivity is too low and while working, you getting tires very soon? Have you handed over a heap of analyzes tests, and a hormonal background and vitamins tests are in norm or rate, but any improvements have been seen yet? Ask yourself, do you eat right? Do you have a balanced diet?

    If you think that productivity depends only on rest and how full is your dreams are, then you are mistaken. To better explain how nutrition is related to your brain activity, let’s take, for example, a mobile phone. When you buy a brand new phone, it works fine, without interruptions, all programs are loaded instantly, the information is saved, but as soon as the memory is full, the phone robot slows down, and new information does not want to be saved. This happens until you get an additional memory card that will make your smartphone work easier. This “card for the brain” is a nutrition, which supports brain activity and improves it.

Improper nutrition complicates brain activity and slows the body’s work because it spends all its resources on food processing. To feel comfortable and throughout the day to be as productive as possible, you need to fill up the body with as many micro and macro elements as possible that support the brain activity and improve the general condition of the body overall.

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  1. Frequent Colds and Flu

Do you think that the condition of your health depends only on how warmly you are dressed, or on the vitamins that you buy in the pharmacy and put your hopes on them? Of course, these factors also affect your health, but a large percentage of your health directly depends on the food that you eat, as well as on the balance of nutrition. Have you decided to save your time by skipping a single meal, or have you decided that the vegetables can be thrown out of your daily ration? Prepare for the fact that pretty soon you will feel the first signs of illness. Particular attention to proper nutrition should be given even more in the cold season when all sorts of viruses are most active themselves. It is necessary to create for them a barrier from vitamins, micro- and macro elements, which the body receives with proper nutrition.

    Harmful products strongly destroy the balance in the body, which provokes deterioration in the state of your health and the general state of the body itself. Imagine that instead of high-quality gasoline, you will refuel your car with improper one. Soon it will start to go worse, and after a while, it will have to be repaired. The same happens with our immune system. If 1% of the bad fuel is diluted with a good quality one, then nothing bad will happen to the body, but if a greater percentage of harmful food is being added to the daily ration – than the harmful effects will not keep you waiting for a long.

  1. Bad Sleep

    Bad sleep is another important reason to think about proper and balanced nutrition. If you are suffering from insomnia, bad dreams, no matter how much you sleep, or you can not get enough sleep – then you should think about what have you ate before going to bed, or several hours before.

The second scenario is when for the whole day you did not have time to eat, but in the evening you had a big dinner, then wait for the heaviness in the stomach and restless sleep, and then in the morning, you will have the feeling that you did not even sleep at all. Just like in one of the previous paragraphs, a healthy state and productivity of your body depend on what and when you ate.

   Food is energy for the body that is being consumed throughout the day, but if you have not eaten the whole day and decided to eat well in the evening – the body does not know what to do about it, and it begins too actively to work on processing it, while your brain rests and gaining strength. This item is also the cause of excess weight, because when you do not help your body to spend the energy, then it’s being saved for later.

   Another common case is the problem of falling asleep. Our full sleep depends directly on the food consumed throughout the day. Take the same example – overeating at night. Your stomach can not process all the food that you ate right before the bed and all organisms suffer. No matter how busy you get throughout the day, try to spend at least fifteen minutes in the middle of the day for a lunch, and for a dinner eat something light that can be digested quick and won’t create the feelings of heaviness, for your body but at the same time will eliminate the hunger.

  1. Gastritis

The first sign that your body does not like your diet is gastritis. Its first signs are heartburn and nausea, which eventually intensifies and more often disturbs you at the most improper moments.

There are a lot of products that can provoke the heartburn, but more often they are fatty foods, fried foods, fast foods, lots of sweets, species, too salty and peppery snacks. If you feel signs of heartburn only once, it does not mean that you have already encountered such a problem as gastritis, but if its manifestations occur more and more often – always consult a doctor, a gastroenterologist, who will examine you thoroughly and, if necessary, will appoint a course of treatment.

   Gastritis begins with heartburn, but the rest of its accompanying symptoms are much more complicated. Constant nausea is also one of a sign of gastritis. So, when you have gastritis, the mucous membrane of your stomach is inflamed, so every meal is like a test, it’s like you pour a salt on a fresh wound, it hurts. Of course, gastritis can be treated with special medications.  But in this case, it is worth of forgetting about the harmful and sweet foods and concentrates more on the foods that will keep the stomach in a normal condition. Otherwise, if you are getting treatment, but at the same time keep eating packets of chips and sweet candy, then nothing good can happen, and no improvement will happen, you are just throwing money “to the wind.” Proper nutrition – this does not mean completely abandoning harmful products, it is to supplement a full-fledged diet with your favorite sweets, without harm to the body.

  1. Ulcer

     What could be worse than gastritis? Of course – it is an ulcer.

Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa that can be treated and can completely disappear, but an ulcer is the same inflammation that has acquired in the title of “chronic disease” and tends to expand. How does harmful food disturb the balance of the digestive system and cause such sad complications? In the body of each person, there is positive bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which restore the work of the intestines and stomach, neutralize the adverse effect of the environment, and help to digest the food. But as soon as an incredibly large amount of harmful food start to enter the body, in an unbalanced mode, and the organism does not receive any proper feeding, at this and that moment, these bacterium decrease and open access to harmful bacteria that enter the digestive system together with food, and provide a field for the action of their destructive power.

   Ulcers, like a formed disease, it can not be completely treated, it becomes a burden, with which you will have to live throughout your life. This disease can be treated at that stage when it is referred to as gastritis, but not later. The ulcer is accompanied by such symptoms as constant nausea, severe pain in the stomach, spasms, heartburn, a constant feeling of hunger and colic, after eating a meal.

To live with such a problem is very uncomfortable, of course, no one sees it, it’s not a pimple on the forehead, but its echoes make themselves feel very uncomfortable. It will be very unpleasant if, after the lunch, you start bloating, and so it will be because the ulcer is accompanied by such symptom as strong gas formation. Another unpleasant outcome that accompanies ulcer is the problem with a stool that can manifest itself in all its variations. For people with an active lifestyle, such problems will bring a lot of discomforts.  In the 21st century, all successful individuals have an active life and don’t need such type of problems.

  1. Excessive Nervousness

     Yes, this is not a joke, a bad mood and a constant irritation can also be caused by an improper diet. This syndrome is called “get up from the wrong foot”. It happens when you slept well, but at the same time everything and everybody around you annoy you and you want to close away from everyone, and do not contact or communicate with anyone. So, stress affects the nerve cells in such way, which gets in the body as a result of malnutrition. The organism begins to behave like a child, who was not given a toy, but in this case, the toy is not just a whim, but it is what’s necessary for the full activity of the body. You work a lot, spend the whole day on your feet, eat while running here and there, very often forget how to rest, and so is going on day after day. And then, finally, the body starts to give up and begins to detrimentally affect the nervous system, which, in its case, notifies you of a failure in the system of vital functions.

   Many people write off this behavior on the environment, the rest sin falls on the wild rhythm of the life and bad sleep, but in most cases, it’s just the food that affects both sleep and well-being in general. We often hear a ridiculous saying that “a man becomes kinder after he has eaten”. How ironically it would not sound, but it is true, by eating we satisfy our body and calm the nervous system down. So, if you will be filling yourself with junk food or harmful food, then you will be facing the problems, that we have talked about in all previous paragraphs.

    For many people, food is life, and in order to live beautifully, you must eat beautiful and healthy food that brings not only satisfaction but also aesthetic pleasure from eating. Nowadays, many modern catering establishments are betting not on the complexity of the dish, but on its presentation, and how strange it wouldn’t sound, it works, because if the eyes do not like the dish, then we will find an excuse in every way, just not to eat it.

  1. Social Status

  Item of a Social status, which we put as the last one in our list, in the world is considered as one of the main things. Everyone wants to occupy a worthy social position in society, but simple problems that are associated with the nutrition can prevent a person from doing so.

As much as sharp mind and internal qualities of a person are being appreciated in the world, first of all, we evaluate a person by its clothes and appearance. It’s much easier to feel confident when you look great and luxurious, and very hard to feel confident when you don’t look great.

  The 21st century is a century of beautiful people who simply have to be well-groomed. It is not necessary to be skinny, or smart, in order to feel comfortable and confident. But with a clearly overweight not many people have succeeded. The first step on the way to the life of your dreams is to change the principle of your diet. As an experiment, try to eat on time, balanced and full. As a result, you will receive:

  1. Better organized daily routine. If you have not been able to organize your work day for a long time, do yourself a list of thing you plan to do for a day, and try to put there a time for your lunch and dinner.
  2. Budget saving. Instead of spending a lot of money for dining in institutions with a harmful food, try to dine well in a cafe or restaurant. But the best option is to cook for yourself at home.
  3. Less need to consume medicines. When you start eating properly, you will not need to drink soothing, pills against bloating, heartburn and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. You will get rid of skin diseases that often appear in adults as a result of abnormalities of the stomach problems.

Love yourself and your body, keep an eye on the internal and external state and eat the right food.