What to Do to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Diabetics Are At High Risk

People over 50, diabetics, smokers and people who do not eat fruit and vegetables have a high risk of developing colorectal cancer.

What to Do to Prevent Colorectal Cancer:

Abundant fruit and vegetables, as well as a healthy food regimen
Starchy foods
Quality healthy fats and oils
Reduce the consumption of animal products to a minimum
Eat more lycopene-containing foods as they help the body to limit cancer growth
Regular exercise

Lycopene belongs to the carotenoids and is a red dye that occurs in tomatoes and other red fruits, such as red grapefruits or watermelons. Basically, every fruit or vegetable which has a reddish or pink hue contains lycopene. Lycopene is a precursor of vitamin A in the body and has a wide range of possible applications in cancer prevention and in the prevention of degenerative diseases, such as heart disease.

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