The First Case of Human Infection with Eye Worms was Recorded in Oregon

The first known case of human infection of parasitic flies was recorded in Oregon.

In August 2016, a 26-year-old woman, Abby Beckley, went to the hospital complaining of severe eye irritation. She also said that she pulled a worm out of her own eye. When the patient was examined, tiny translucent worms (Thelazia Gulosa), a length of less than one and a half inches, were identified in the eye.

This type of eye worm was previously detected in cattle in Southern Canada, as well as in the North of the United States.

Within a few weeks, thirteen parasitic individuals were removed from the woman’s eye. After conducting an operation to remove worms, the patient was under the supervision of doctors. As it became known, parasites are no longer detected. There are also no symptoms of infection with worms. The patient’s eyesight was not damaged.