Never Ignore These 10 Heart Symptoms -

Never Ignore These 10 Heart Symptoms


Heart diseases are the leading reason for patients’ death in the whole world.

A larger number people die of heart diseases than of any type of cancer. The ability to recognize the heart disease symptoms may save someone’s life. Below we’ll tell you about the 10 warning signs of heart diseases that should not be ignored.

Pain in the chest.

Any significant discomfort or the sense of heaviness (feeling like something heavy is sitting on your chest) could mean a heart attack. It may also be combined with the pain down the arm, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating and shortness of breath. Women may experience more subtle symptoms such as fatigue, fever or pain in the upper abdomen. In any case, call an ambulance immediately. If it’s a heart attack, a delay may cause a damage of the heart muscle. If these symptoms occur only during physical exercises, probably it’s angina, a condition in which a heart muscle is temporarily not supplied with a sufficient amount of blood. Sudden severe pain in the chest or upper back (often described as a cutting sensation) can be caused by a rupture of the aorta, also known as aortic dissection which requires an immediate medical attention. >