Main Symptoms of Encephalitis

Cerebellum. The defeat of the cerebellum may be manifested by the following symptoms:
poor coordination of movements

unsteadiness while walking. The patient walking deflected to the side and may even fall

movements of eyes resemble those of pendulum, i.e. they move horizontally from side to side

decreased muscle tone (muscle hypotonia).
Most often, inflammation of the brain does not develop separately from the meningeal membranes, so the following symptoms of meningitis (i.e. inflammation of meningeal membranes) may appear:
the tension in suboccipital muscles that makes the patient hold his head thrown back constantly;

a severe headache;

photophobia that is manifested by a pain in the eyes when the patient looks at any source of light or when the room lamps are lit.
Additional symptoms are also possible in case of encephalitis including the following ones:
increased muscle tone

involuntary body movements

violation of the eyeball movements

double vision

drooping of the upper eyelid

sleep disturbance that is manifested as drowsiness and may last from a week to several months

fever and high body temperature are possible in case of severe intoxication.