How To Detect Colon Cancer Symptoms?

Colon cancer is known as cancer of the large intestine and this is the most common of the digestive system.

This cancer is common to occur in both sexes and is one of the leading diseases of death in Western countries.
Colon cancer is caused by genetic and environmental factors. That is, some specialists say that this cancer can be triggered by the implementation of diets rich in saturated fats. Also, if a person is overweight, they are more at risk for the disease.
Age is another factor that causes the appearance of colon cancer and this usually occurs when a person is over 50 years, however, there are possibilities that from the age of 40 this may begin to develop.
Polyps are a possible cause of colon cancer since there is a relationship between adenomatosis polyps and this cancer. It is important to know that a polyp is a protuberance that originates above the surface of the intestinal mucosa.

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