5 Symptoms of Measles

Rash. Skin rash is manifested by bright pink formations of irregular shape. They have a flat top and slightly raise above the skin surface. Separate elements gradually grow and merge together, covering large areas of the face. Rash also appears in the mouth in a form of red spots of a pinhead size. It usually occurs in those places where intense viral replication caused dilation of capillaries. After another 2-3 days, entire oral mucosa gets inflamed and acquires red color, so the spots become invisible. Consequent stages are considered a characteristic feature of measles. First of all, a rash appears on the forehead, face, neck and behind the ears. It spreads to the torso and arms on the second day and to the feet and fingers on the third day. The rash disappears exactly in the same order it started. It often happens that while new rash emerges on the legs, the papules on the face start darkening.