• woman-Stomach-Discomfort

    How to Get Rid of Stomach Discomfort

    Fatigue, stomach cramps or heartburn plague many people after eating. Here is what you can do about it. Digestion already begins in the mouth. The tee...

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    7 Signs That You Lack Vitamins

    We all know the importance of vitamins in our daily diet, but sometimes we do not realize that we lack some specific ones until our body begins to giv...

  • Prevent Colorectal Cancer

    What to Do to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

    Approximately 50,000 people develop colorectal cancer every year. ]To treat this type of cancer most people undergo surgery followed by chemotherapy a...

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Top 7 Symptoms of Parasite Infection

1. Intoxication, which occurs as a result of the fact that parasites in the process of their vital activity and secrete products that poison the human body. The main signs of intoxication are a headache, weakness, irritability, nausea and poor appetite. 2. Eruptions on the skin, which are allergic, are most often observed in children….